Rhododendron Flower (Buransh) Concentrate (Squash)
Rhododendron Flower (Buransh) Concentrate (Squash)
Rhododendron Flower (Buransh) Concentrate (Squash)
Rhododendron Flower (Buransh) Concentrate (Squash)

Rhododendron Flower (Buransh) Concentrate (Squash)

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Rhododendron (Rhodo) or Buransh is Uttarakhand's State Tree. This honour has rightfully been bestowed upon this tree due to its numerous medicinal properties. Grown at a height of 5000 to 7,500 feet it is a plant in the family of Ericaceae with over 1000 species throughout the world.  In Uttarakhand normally Buransh is available in dark red colour. It is however found in pink colour at some places. The blooming of Rhodo presents a fantastic look. In the back-drop of shining silvery Himalayas, the dark red Rhodo flowers portray a celestial picture.

After blooming a chunk of Rhodo flowers starts falling on the hill sides, which gets a dark red cover of rhodo flowers. Trekkers enjoy the red-carpet welcome accorded to them by the Nature's bounteous gesture. The bright-red, bell-shaped flower of the Rhododendron arboreum tree has more to it than aesthetics that it grants to the valleys it is found in. It gives the locals a unique food culture and dose of good health in the form of delectable savouries.
Commonly known as burans or buransh, the flower holds a host of medicinal properties and a sweet nectar, which is why the locals love to use in the preparation of locally relished savouries. It is used for making refreshing drinks, parathas (Indian bread), chutney (Indian sauce), pakoras (bread or veggies coated in a batter of gram flour and deep fried), locally brewed wine and more.  
Our refreshing buransh concentrate / squash which looks like a regular glass of rose or raspberry drink, is actually jelly-like in texture with a dose of goodness. The entire process – from collecting flowers, carefully picking out the petals, extracting the juice and making the concentrate is all done by hand by local pahadi village women. 


Said to cure headaches and stomach ailments, recent research shows that the flower is also a great anti-diabetic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. A dose of goodness, buransh can be intoxicating and harmful if consumed in excess. Nonetheless, it continues to be a favourite of the locals who consider the flowers as spiritual and use them for religious practices. Not just this, the smoke released by the burning of buransh tree’s wood is considered to be purifying in Himalayas. 


Shipping - To ensure fresh & pure products are delivered at your doorstep, we procure these directly from the Local farmers/ Women's Self Help Groups in small batches. It therefore sometimes takes 7-21 days for the shipment to get delivered to you depending upon your location. 


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Manoj C.
India India
Different but very good taste

The taste is very good but please avoid adding sugar in it so that it remains natural.

The Pahari Life

Dear Manoj, Thankyou for our review. We have a sugar free option as well where we have added stevia herb instead of sugar. https://thepaharilife.com/products/rhododendron-buransh-stevia-concentrate-sugar-free?_pos=2&_sid=95f4e1056&_ss=r Thankyou

A The Pahari Life Customer
Himanshu B.
India India
Good product.

Tastes fine. I would appreciate a sugar-free option though!

The Pahari Life

Hi Himanshu, Thankyou for appreciating our product. We do have a sugar free option where we are using stevia instead of sugar. Check this out. https://thepaharilife.com/products/rhododendron-buransh-stevia-concentrate-sugar-free?_pos=2&_sid=50adf7496&_ss=r

Vinayak R.
India India
A very nice products from Pahari Life

It was very nice. I liked the apricot jam very much. Buransh and Malta concentrates are also very nice