Organic Jamboo / Jambu / Faran
Organic Jamboo / Jambu / Faran
Organic Jamboo / Jambu / Faran
Organic Jamboo / Jambu / Faran

Organic Jamboo / Jambu / Faran

The Pahari Life
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Sourced directly from the Certified Organic Farmers of Uttarakhand.

Jamboo or Jhambu or Jambu ( Allium stracheyi) also called Faran is a perennial herb with rosy flowers whose leaves and inflorescence are dried and used for seasoning. Jambu is found at altutudes of 2500-3000 m in Alpine Himalayas of Uttarakhand. It grows at high altitudes and is used in Uttarakhand it is used very commonly as condiment to add flavor to soups and dals. Its used in Tibetan dishes as well. It’s a member of the onion family. Dal using jhambu tastes delicious, faintly smelling of onions. The best thing about this spice is that the dal then does not need any seasoning besides the salt, chilly and turmeric routine. It adds a unique flavour to food and takes its health quotient several notches up. This herb infuses a strong aroma in the dish and adds interest to it in terms of visual appeal. Faran, whether collected from the wild or cultivated in farms is dried in shade. Once dried, it can be stored for months and used when required.

Health Benefits:

Jambu is a magic spice with immense health benefits. It helps to reduce cholestrol and the risk of heart diseases. It aids digestion and is a blessing for diabetics. It is also used as a remedy for reducing menstrual discomfort, ease childbirth and improve lactation in women. Apart from keeping you healthy, Jambu can be used to make you look beautiful- it helps to treat skin and hair problems.

Shipping - To ensure fresh & pure products are delivered at your doorstep, we procure these directly from the Local farmers/ Women's Self Help Groups in small batches. It therefore sometimes takes 7-21 days for the shipment to get delivered to you depending upon your location. 

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Douglas B.
Canada Canada

$169.00 for 35 grams

You gotta be kidding me? Who could afford this " herb"? Insane....


The Pahari Life

Hello, the price is in Indian Rupees and not USD. Comes out to aprx $2.00 for 35 grams. Thankyou.

Hem C.


Excellent packing. Fast delivery

Meera S.
India India

A Joy to flavour Distant Cuisines

The purchasing is simple, there is no issue there. But it is interesting to see the clarity of information on the product pages and while delivery is frustratingly long (11 days), the product itself is fortunately in glass bottles and well labeled, so storage is not an issue. I refrigerate them as I don't see myself consuming them at the pace I would, say, red chilli powder. That said, I urge the seller to examine smaller sku-s like 50 gms so that I am encouraged to buy all the herbs without anxiety of spoilage or even just ageing.

Piali K.
India India

My First Purchase From Pahari Life.

It was very nice and I liked the way the item was packaged but it took quite long to get here. Have ordered again and this too is taking long.

Beenu B.
India India

Excellent product

Aroma and flavour of the spice is excellent.Enhanced the taste of the dish.Was neatly packaged in glass container. Delivery was prompt